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It is important to follow the aftercare instructions for your body art tattoo and permanent makeup to look it's best.

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The First Day

Leave Derm Shield on for 24 hours to protect your new body art. Remove the adhesive cover under water by pulling the corner up and out. Peel the bandage inward toward the tattoo. Once that's off, wash the tattoo well with an antibacterial soap and rinse well. Pat dry with a clean lint-free cloth and apply the new bandage by removing the white backing first, place the bandage and remove the top +++ layer. Leave the new bandage on for five (5) days. Remove and wash the area well. Pat dry and apply Aquaphor or Lubriderm sparingly two to three times a day and enjoy your new tattoo!

Remember your sunscreen! 

Permanent Makeup Healing Process

No matter what service you got, you need to keep it clean - dry and moisturized. Wash the tattoo at bedtime or if it gets physically dirty. Use your ring finger for gentle pressure. Never use a wash cloth or baby wipes; this will ruin your fresh tattoo. Use your hands to rinse your face and pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Let the skin dry a few minutes further and apply a very THIN layer of lotion or Aquaphor to the area. Reapply the lotion or Aquaphor through-out the day as needed. LIPS** apply Aquaphor liberally throughout  the day. 

Applying Cream
Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Special Attention

Your fresh permanent makeup will be brighter/darker than when healed. Don't panic and enjoy the journey! The first two to five days the skin is healing and the ink is settling in your skin. Once the flaking happens (DONT PICK IT!) your tattoo will seem light but will bloom upon healing. Don't judge it for about 4 weeks. 

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