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When it comes to your appearance, you deserve the best care that money can buy. Welcome to Wild Blossom Tattoo, the number one expert in lip blush, brow tattoos, permanent eyeliner and fine line tattoos  in the Ogden area. We’re a licensed and expertly trained  tattoo studio, providing professional, safe and personalized services. If you’re looking for the best solutions for your aesthetic concerns - you’ve come to the right place! Book a complimentary consultation today!

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About Me

I have been tattooing since 2015 and it is a job that I cherish more every year. Helping ladies feel beautiful and look younger with permanent makeup is truly a blessing. Working smaller needle configurations on cosmetic tattoos has given me an edge in fine line tattoos and being a contemporary artist drives me to create painterly abstracts which are my favorite. 

Body art has a lot of myths associated with it and can seem like a mysterious process. This has led to plenty of misconceptions about the industry and tattoo artists. 

For a while only "outsiders" of mainstream society would get tattooed, however, today all different types of people from many different industries, religions and backgrounds get tattooed and is becoming more and more popular. YES, permanent makeup is a tattoo. 

Having the opportunity to give someone a piece of art that they can admire forever is a privilege I don't take for granted. My favorite part of my work is giving someone a reason to love their body and feel confident in their own skin. 

I am also happily married. I am (almost) an empty nester (eek!), and enjoy all things adventurous. I'm looking forward to meeting you!